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Height Adjustable Shower / Commode Chairs
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Reflex Shower / Commode Chair

  • Electrically operated height-adjustable settings
  • Electrically operated tilt mechanism.
  • Easy-to-use touch controls on backrest.
  • Height-adjustable headrest.
  • Ergonomically designed backrest and seat.
  • Height-adjustable legrest and calf protection.
  • Foldable swivel armrests with front locking.
  • Suitable for use in the shower and toilet.
  • Can be moved into position over toilet.
  • Slide for stainless steel commode pan.
  • Four plastic castors with brakes.
  • Easy to recharge with battery charger provided.
  • Option: Also available with Handcontrol.
  • Weight Capacity 135kg/297lbs

*Children's Version Available click here for brochure

Elexo Shower / Commode Chair          

  • Simple electric high / low adjustment.
  • Handcontrol with battery indicator.
  • With sleep mode setting after 60 minutes.
  • Lowest position 50 cm, highest position 105 cm.
  • Frame width 68 cm, dept 83 cm.
  • Tilt adjustment to a maximum of 17 degrees.
  • Inlay for the toilet opening.
  • Foldable upholstered armrests with front
  • lock for sideways transfer.
  • Ergonomically formed seat and backrests.
  • Fold-out footrests with calf protection.
  • Fold-away and removable leg supports.
  • Rail for toilet bucket or bedpan.
  • Four plastic castors, fitted with brakes.
  • Extremely stable due to the fitting of 2 lifting motors.
  • Simple to recharge, with charger included.
  • Weight Capacity 180kg/396lbs

Elexo XXL Shower / Commode Chair

  • Simple electric high / low adjustment
  • Tilt adjustment to a maximum of 17 degree.
  • 3 plastic castors fitted with brakes.
  • 1 direction Wheel.
  • Extremely stable due to the 2 lifting motors.
  • Rail for toilet bucket or bedpan.
  • With sleep mode setting after 60 minutes.
  • Simple to recharge with charger included.
  • Folding and extended armrests.
  • In 2 parts seat with toilet opening.
  • Ergonomic calf support.
  • Swivelling and detachable footrests.
  • Optional: In height and depth adjustable headrest.
  • Weight Capacity 220kg/485lbs


Height Adjustable Shower Trolleys

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  • 70 x 190 cm.
  • Synthetic collection tray with drain hose.
  • 4 stainless steel double lock swivel castors.
  • Optional electric/hydraulic height adjustment
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • Side rails.
  • Weight Capacity 135kg/297lbs


  • Wide stable wheelbase.
  • Extremely light frame made of aluminium.
  • Large diameter wheels, 12.5cm
  • Optional electric/hydraulic height adjustment
  • Ergonomic pump action for height adjustment.
  • If electrically operated: fitted with an emergency descent switch, emergency brake and user-friendly charger.
  • Simple and safe control of side rails with locking.
  • Includes mattress, pillows and outlet hose.
  • Corrosion resistant through coated aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and galvanised parts.
  • Streamlined finish for optimal cleaning.
  • Weight Capacity 180kg/396lbs
  • Luxal

  • Electric adjustable height.
  • Simple to operate hand switch.
  • Includes battery charger (wall mounted).
  • Battery is easy to change.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Emergency lowering device.
  • Includes mattress and pillow.
  • Tiltable to drain the water.
  • Folding down safety rails.
  • Central lockable swiveling castors with one directional castor.
  • Clearance space up to 20 cm.
  • Swivel castors 15 cm.
  • Weight capacity 180kg/396lbs