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Patient Lifts and Mobility


SystemRoMedic™ is a wide range of easy-to-use and effective transfer and lifting aids designed to make life easier, both for the patient and for the caregiver. It is a complete solution that provides for the majority of transfer or manual handling requirements. From the simplest to the most complex scenarios, from the lightest to the heaviest. Through a unique combination of education, training and a complete range of efficient transfer aids, SystemRoMedic™ offers improvement both in the work environment and in the quality of care and, at the same time, achieves significant cost savings.
patint sling children

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ReTurn 7500

Sit-to-Stand Aid and Rehabilitation Device

(also available in Childrens and Bariatric sizes)

MiniLift 200

Electric Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

Eva Series

Electric Patient Lift with a 450 or 600 lb capacity

RiseAtlas Ceiling Lift

One of the most developed ceiling lifts in the world.

RisePorto Portable Ceiling Lift

A light weight portable lift that is simple and compact.

Lifting Slings

Over 100 slings to choose from...

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