Flexo Shower-Toilet Chair

SKU: 51005199

  • Maximum load 150 kg.
  • Simple adjustable hydraulic height control.
  • Lowest position 50 cm, highest position 105 cm.
  • Base: 70 cm wide, 82 cm deep.
  • Upholstered seat with seat opening.
  • Liner for seat opening.Frontlocking armrests.
  • Upholstered foldable armrests to allow sideways transfer.
  • Upholstered backrest.
  • Foldable footrests with calf pads.
  • Footrests touch the ground when in the lowest position.
  • The chair will reach a maximum inclination of 15° in the highest position.
  • Rail for toilet bucket or bedpan.
  • Lockable plastic swivel castors, stainless steel wheel housings.
  • Greater stability.
  • Ergonomical seat comfort.
  • Contemporary style and design.
  • Option: Safe hip fixation.

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Brochure Flexo EN

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